Lucerne Avenue Reconstruction

Culver city, CAlifornia

Client: Culver city Public Works department

DMR provided design services and oversight of the construction of this one-million-dollar street improvement project. This project consisted of replacement of 2,000 feet of sewer main, 50 house laterals, replacement of curb and gutters, street lighting, as well as grinding and overlay with 2” of rubberized asphalt.                                 



Rockledge Terrance Sewer Lining and Replacment & Lift Station Improvements                                             

Laguna beach, California 

Client: City of Laguna beach

DMR provided survey, design, right of way, easement search and preparation, as well as construction management assistance for replacement a sewer lift station and 1200’of 6” force main. The line serves one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Southern California.



Arroyo Park Sewer Lift Station

south pasadena, California 

Client: city of South Pasadena

DMR provided survey, design, and support during construction for installation of a sewer lift station, grease interceptor, and ⅓ miles of 6” force main to eliminate a regional septic tank.



Sunset Sewer Rehabilitation Project

west hollywood, California

Client: City of west hollywood

DMR provided the City of West Hollywood with construction management and inspection services for sewer lining of the main and laterals along Sunset Boulevard throughout the City limits. In order to minimize disruption to businesses as well as commuters along Sunset Boulevard, all work was performed at night.




Fairview Condominium Sewer Lift Station and Storm Drain Pump Station

Glendale, california

Client: fairview partners

DMR provided survey, design, and construction management & inspection for a sewer lift station and storm drain pump station to serve this major condominium project in Glendale, California.




Alley Sewer Replacement Project (Between Sepulveda Blvd. & Washington Pl.)

culver city, California 

Client: City of culver city

DMR provided design, construction management and inspection services for this sewer project. Improvements consisted of removal of existing sewer lines and replacement with a 16” P.V.C. sewer main and reconnection of 18-house laterals.




Design of Sanitary Sewer and Chill Water Line for UCLA

city of westwood, California

Client: sikand & associates

This project consisted of the relocation/replacement of a 36” DWP water main, as well as the construction of a sewer main and chill water line within the UCLA campus. DMR provided design, technical specifications, and field engineering for the 36” water line, the sanitary sewer main, and the chill water line.